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Funniest Person Awards

Becca Scott

Her mental retardation makes this girl quite funny. Well... Not literally. When someone says "nickel" she automatically thinks "nipple." She is obsessed with dogs. Her Winthroup wig also helped to contribute to becoming a nominee. Also, she is an innocent little cathloic girl who can't help but cuss. She chooses to sit at handicap seats with dead plants.

Gracie Lynne

She is too smart... She can always lighten someone's day with a simple joke such as "wah ha." She is also being taken to court. She, like me, abused a squirrel with plyers and then wears the squirrel on top of her head. Thanks to Sydney for this.

Emma Ploucha

She hisses at people and talks like Mrs. Robinson. What's NOT to love?

Caleb Moore

He loves to pretend he works on "What Not to Wear." Watch out when Kari puts make-up on this kid.

Evan Luse

"We shall ye old videotape it!" A popular quote... Always makes "your mom" jokes. Adds "in bed" to everything he says.

So vote. One vote per person. Don't vote for yourself! The winner gets a pimp layout by me and a banner that says "I won Charles' 'The Funniest Person' Award!"

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This should be friends only but I want other people to answer this, and you can't anonymously...

SO REPLY TO THIS anonymously

01. One secret.
02. One compliment.
03. One random thing
04. One love note. (Optional, but you know you want to)
05. Lyrics to a song.
06. How old you are.
07. How long we've been friends.
08. And a hint to who you are.

If you wanna be a friend, tell me this:

1. Who are you?
2. Have we talked, either online or in person?
3. Why in the hell do you wanna read my journal?!
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